PSME Core Values

  • I am a person of INTEGRITY. I act with honesty, transparency, and
    accountability. I do the right things, the right way.
  • I maintain PROFESSIONALISM at all times with high respect for others,
    observing proper conduct, following the code of ethics, honoring
    commitments, and acting fairly and with dignity.
  • I strive for EXCELLENCE thereby achieving the highest standard of
    performance in all my undertakings.
  • I internalize TEAMWORK. I act with sense of urgency, mindful of
    entrepreneurial spirit and work with unity, cooperation, collaboration,
    synergy and convergence towards a common goal.
  • I exercise LEADERSHIP with humility and characterized by stewardship. I
    lead by example, walk the talk and celebrate success as owned by all the
    members of the team.
  • I embody CONCERN FOR STAKEHOLDERS especially the welfare of our
    members, employees and all we work for and those who work for us.
  • I am an integral part of a RESILIENT, NATIONALISTIC and GOD-FEARING
    Organization. I weather the odds and implore peace, harmony, kindness,
    good work, love of country and social responsibility.